October 26, 2021

Known Appetite


Indulge in fresh baked cookies by Geegees Pastry

Nokwazi Geegee Cele is a born and raised Durban lady who is a self-made baker. Geegee’s passion for baking started in high school where she used to bake from her mom’s kitchen because its something that came naturally to her. She started taking baking seriously when, a friend asked her to bake a cake for a baby shower and since then she never looked back. 

Geegee embraces baking because it makes her happy and she wishes to have gone to a pastry school or culinary school to learn more tricks and tips about baking. Geegee remembers how her mom used to shout at her for wasting her eggs but today her family knows with any event or celebration they have Geegee pastry will embrace them with a nice home-made cake. 

Geegee’s believes that “baking brings family together because the oven keeps the kitchen warm and inviting” and that’s where everyone sits around the table in the kitchen and share nibbles from geegee’s baked goodies that are made with love.  She bakes square cakes, cookies, muffins, and scones to sell in town during the week, also as she is the only baker in her business, she helps upcoming bakers online like Facebook to give them guides that she has learned on her own while growing her business. 

End of November Geegee is planning to host an event for anyone who wants to learn how to bake. She will be teaching more about festive goodies and what to enjoy this coming December holidays with your family. Come learn and surprise your family with nice freshly baked goods.

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